Monday, 20 January 2014

UBC IA: Curryoke Night

Our expert panel
Co-chairs, Efua and Ben
UBC IA recently held a Curryoke night, the first of a series of dialogues that aim to get people talking about multiculturalism at UBC. The event was a great success; almost 100 students showed up, representing the vast range of cultures and nationalities that exist on our campus. UBC IA's member clubs brought with them a delicious array of curries that allowed us to sample cuisines from all over the world as well as an appetite for great conversation and inspiring debate. The night ended with some amusing sing-along performances.

But just like any important topic, the discussion is not over! If you would like to take a look at the questions that were thought up throughout the evening, check them out here. Furthermore, if you are still interested in engaging in some discussion about something you learnt during the evening or even thought of afterwards you are welcome to contact the exec team, submit a reflection as a blog post to or start up a conversation on our Facebook Page.

The captivated audience
International curries!

UBC IA would like to thank;

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